Sub7 filming from the back of a dog sled


Sub7 was created to bring the very best of outdoor television out of the wilderness and into the living room.  However, from the beginning we realized that a successful production does not start with cameras and end with the final cut. Our clients expect more. Whether your product is on a store shelf or your brand is shown in a weekly timeslot, Sub7 has the resources and experience to create and manage your entire brand through television, print, and web. 

Sub7 believes no project or location is impossible: New territory is meant to be explored. Argentina, Kenya, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, rugged Alaska, and the warzones of Iraq and Afghanistan all have their stories.

We would welcome the opportunity to develop your next TV series, commercial, or brand. We do not shy from the demands of the chase to the top. We are accustomed to it. The chase is what leads us to take the best equipment to the most remote locations on the planet.

Whether your production puts you in the Arctic tundra of Sweden, the deserts of Mexico, or at home in a studio in the States, we hope you will consider Sub7.